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Originally Posted by Pdubs View Post
Thanks Toymachine! I've got a CCM lower kit in there ATM. Will using a de-volumeizer force me to use a pre-2k valve setup?
My pleasure! Yes and no. With the right springs you probably could get away with a lp/modern valve setup using the devolumizer. However you won't get the efficiency you otherwise could. If you are using a lp/normal valve you really should just reg your setup. A devolumizer alone won't make up for the correct valve, although it might help. In this situation you really just have to tinker to see what you can get out of it - again a prime example of why a spring kit, especially considering they're like 5-10$, is so important.

Just to point out, it's pretty easy to set up a 12g unregged sniper setup as long as you are using a HP valve and you get yourself a spring kit. With the spring kit and the HP valve, you probably won't need to spend more than 30 minutes or whatever to set the gun up - although while you're getting it tuned in terms of the spring kit and setting your IVG/velocity/hammer adjustment, use bulk/CA co2 - not 12g. This might sound obvious, and if it does you're on the right tract. I just point it out because otherwise, trying to tune a gun with 12g alone will result in a lot of wasted 12gs. Trust me, I know. In a few circumstances it cannot be avoided, but these, especially with today's equipment, it's worth getting whatever CA adapter to avoid it (i.e. with my new PG I have just purchases a CA adapter along with a valve tool I needed to get, simply because I don't want to have to rely on 12gs when I go about tinkering/tuning my new beauty, although atm it doesn't really need any work done... but I digress )

Good luck!

Originally Posted by Pdubs View Post
Alright, I appreciate it T-T. I think I'll run a Reg for now and switch over when I get a HP valve.
Yea, this is the best for now like you say.

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