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I always continue to play until a ref calls me out. Gog shots, pods, loaders, jersey, pants, shoes, any other pieces of equipment or body parts, whatever. Even if I'm dripping with paint I consider this to be splatter only, and continue playing.

Sure, it makes other players angry, but hey, what am I supposed to do? Take other people's word for it? The whole point of the game is for us to eliminate each other. So automatically the other side is biased against me. I'm just trying to play it straight, you know? Also, when you think about it, there's simply no way to be sure, really sure, if someone hit me. The mere presence of paint on my person or equipment does not prove anything. Maybe I was hit, and maybe not. I could have rubbed up against a bunker or perhaps even another player, or even a loose paintball somewhere. Who knows?

We don't call ourselves out for stepping on paintballs and having them break all over our shoes, true? So if I chance to brush against one hanging in midair during a game, I view that in the same way. There's just no way to prove that it came from someone's marker, and that it was directed at me.

The only sure way to tell, for me, is to have a ref tell me. That's why we have refs. But sometimes I don't even trust the ref, and so I keep playing. Because I wouldn't put it past the other team to buy off a ref, a dirty ref, or maybe a ref who is young and impressionable, or who is older and needs beer money, or who has a family member who needs a new kidney, or whatever, and then where are we?

In Cheaterville, that's where. And I hate cheaters, so I just keep playing until I feel that I have been hit fair and square.

Interestingly, I have never been fairly and squarely eliminated from a game, ever.

And that's why I love this sport.

"Dude. I'm pretty sure he's behind one of those bunkers over there."

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