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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
You'd only want to use a reg for later setups (as said) where the gun is setup to run on lower pressure... but straight up stock pre-99's will run great. Sure you may have to turn the velocity screw, but all a Sniper is is a Sheridan valve in an aluminum body... and they work fine on 12 grams.
Other than using a CCM or the rare Carter (for me) sniper for open class play, this is my preferred sniper/pump cocker setup. LOVE old school slider frame 12g or 4oz vert tank pre-99 r/f rigs with old sheridan style wire stock simplicity at it's finest

Originally Posted by Pdubs View Post
How about something like a CART reg from palmers? I remember seeing one a while back.....

EDIT- Here it is.
Personally, I'd say don't worry about that. If you want to run regg'd 12g on lp valves, the CART reg-12g bucket changer probably one of the most compact ways to do things, but there are some downsides. The main one being that you have to take the CART reg off the gun to adjust velocity - making it a huge huge huge pain in the butt. Once it's set it's set, but having to take things apart and depressurize them is not cool. Frankly, if you want to run a reg somehow, there are better/much more practical options (such as run inline reg to a 12g bucket changer under the trigger frame where you would normally mount your tank, or get something like an AGD Micro-CA II, where you have a 12g level changer and stock all in one). Plus, on top of everything else, the CART reg is way expensive. Great, very cool regulator design, very modular, but it's really only great for very specific projects more or less built around it. I hear it works well, but it's just not right for your needs compared to your alternatives, such as...

The easiest way to do think imho is the following:
1) Inline reg of your choice, which you mount in the VA and hook up to a bottomline ASA via ss or macro line (bottomline like this duckbill ASA, two 90 degree 1/8th NPT fittings and 6" of braided ss hose - that might be a little long but you get the idea)
2) 12g Bucket changer (CCI variety) mounted in the ASA, which the reg is connected to via bottomline hose
3) T Stock so you can aim easily and comfortably.

Voila! Cost of reg (40), plus bucket changer (30) plus T-Stock (20), you're looking at no more than 70$ to set this up. Easy peasy, and you don't need to worry about changing your valve! (actually with the parts I listed there, really top of the line, you're looking at like $100, but I assumed prior that you don't need to buy ALL of this stuff, but in any case no biggy

Still though, don't forget to get yourself a spring kit

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