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The constant threat of a biological attack went away with the end of the cold war; diseases like Smallpox were eradicated thanks to the efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the advances in medical research. After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, a new threat emerge(d), one that many Americans thought to be nonexistent and some consider to be a very remote possibility; bioterrorism.

Throughout the history of warfare mankind has use biological agents as weapons, terrorists took that same initiative with the Anthrax attacks within weeks of 9/11 creating panic and forcing the federal government to take a new stand and reviving revive the old fears. The intended purpose for this paper is to evaluate the preventive measures the government has in place to prevent and contain a possible biological attack and the level of feasibility for ease at which a terrorist group or a rogue state to could carry out an attack in on American soil.

Thanks in advance

The sections in red seem to contradict each other. The "end of the cold war" and the September 11th attacks are not that far apart, and I'm pretty sure smallpox was taking care of long before either of those events (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) - not sure if you're attempting to create some sort of timeline to bring the reader up to speed, but it seems awkward to me.

Second paragraph: "preventive measures the government has in place to prevent and contain" - this is redundant; I know that preventive measure "prevent."

Make sure to check your grammar and spelling; a good trick is to read the word aloud and determine if they make sense to you that way. I crossed out some words that weren't needed, or could be replaced with something else in order tighten it up - try to ensure that every paragraph ends-up like an Eigenbarrel: tight, efficient, and accurate.

That being said, I know very little about bioterrorism or the associated counter-measures; what little I do know - or suspect I know - is gleamed from Tom Clancy books (a few of the later Jack Ryan books)
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