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Car stuff: Cyberdyne and Autometer Gauges, Senders, single DIN gauge panel

Hey folks,

Selling off a bunch of my auxiliary car stuff (spray kit going on eBay soon!). Here's a bunch of gauges and gauge-related paraphernalia! All are 2 1/16" and OBO.

Shipping Info: Prices do not include shipping. US shipping is $5 no matter how much you buy, Canadian shipping will be a bit more.

Trades: Of course! I'm looking for a gloss black CCI bucket changer, a RTR boomerang, a feedneck clamp ring, and maybe a good daily carry knife (no blade limits here, spring-assist legal and a plus).

Cyberdyne Volt Gauge (emerald green): Works great, some gouging on the upper left edge of the face (could probably be hidden with a Sharpie). No rear bracket. $20

Autometer Phantom Oil Pressure Gauge: Electrical, good shape, no sender or rear bracket. $20

Cyberdyne Fuel Pressure Gauge (emerald green): Works great, heavy gouging on the right-hand side (I think I did this when I replaced my center console). Again, would be far less noticeable with a coat of Sharpie. Includes the sender and a -4AN gauge adapter fitting. $40

NEW Cyberdyne Oil Pressure Sender (SENSS2E): Brand new in the box, wire not included. The older Cyberdynes are sold without a sender so you could save yourself some money. $15

Single DIN Gauge Panel: Fits in place of a radio by mounting to its cage. Good shape, might need some re-bending for a perfect fit (bends very easily). $10

Buy everything for $85 shipped!
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