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Originally Posted by biftip98 View Post
Furthermore, I just don't see a young, entry level kid spending more money on mags for his Hammer7 (for example). I see him just using a hopper and buying more paint, or just saving the money on mags to upgrade to a better gun.
So exactly which mag fed, FS compatible, pump would be better than a Hammer 7? We may get more players who only buy something new when it actually does something significantly different, and not just because its a higher status symbol.

FS is cool, and "better" than traditional paintballs yes.... but again the issue is cost. Buy more paint and play longer or shoot a little farther? For your avg rec baller who plays on smaller type concept fields the advantages to FS are even limited since you are already within (or close to within) the max range of a standard paintball from the start box anyways.
With field owners concentrating on "more players", instead of "more paint" it's doubtful that smaller concept fields would be considered "average".
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