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Frame Choices...

OK, I've got a vintage set of left-hand Smart Parts wood grips (the type made for 'Cocker/'Mag frames) and a burning need to put them on my PMI-II. I actually have one of the composite 'Cocker frames, so it seems like I have two options:

1) Take a dremel to the grips and massage them into fitting onto the existing grip frame. This option I could pursue myself (less cost, just my time) but I run the risk of destroying the grips if I screw up.


2) Leave them as-is and find someone to mod the 'Cocker frame to fit the PMI-II. This obviously preserves the grips (and the potential resale value should I choose to sell them later), but I don't have the skills or tools to mod the frame appropriately, so this would be the more costly of the options.

Looking for opinions or other options I may not have considered. I'm sending this gun out to PPS for a performance tune, wedgits and fasst changer, so I'm wondering if they'd do the grip frame mod as well (I'm fairly certain they won't mod the grips; they ain't woodworkers).
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