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the pattern of behavior from the player, says more than the incident itself

You see the same players, weekend and week out

If it happens every single game, where you're walking off with hits all over your body thinking you won the game, that's obviously one thing.

A hit on a pod on your pack? Or getting hit dead center on the nose of your loader while snap shooting with someone? That's just paintball, it's happened to me, it's happened to everyone.

Anyone who's played paintball, knows sometimes people get hit and just honestly don't see it, don't feel it, or don't notice it. This happens, no worries

It's when it becomes a pattern, from the same player, every single game, then it becomes a real issue.

One time I hit a guy dead center on the top of his head. But he was wearing a hat facing forward, and the ball went UNDER his hat. He felt the hit, he checked it several times, thought it was a bounce and kept playing. When he took his mask off, he had a pink mohawk. I laughed and so did he. Once came out in a snap shooting battle and thought I broke paint in my gun. Turns out the player I was playing against put one directly INTO my barrel. The paint went clear back into my gun, WAY into the gun internals, and it was a different color than what I was shooting. I told him about it, he laughed, I laughed, and I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning my gun.

It's one game, one incident, it's paintball, it happens and it's nothing to get bent out of shape for. A simple "sorry about that Gentlemen" while walking off is usually more than enough to get ya off the hook, just don't do it again in the next game!
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