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Originally Posted by Adonay View Post
Dont know read every now and then when the baby wakes. maybe 6-8 hours in two days.

Great thread for a spyder collector like myself :-D

Btw here is a cool hammer 7 video i did not see in the thread


Looks like the guy is using mrx mags as well
Thanks for the vid, that's great to see it in actual play. But yeah, I had planned on picking up a pair of MRX mags myself for three reasons.
1 - My local field doesn't do first strike (which is good because of the next reason).
2 - I couldn't afford to play FS on a regular basis anyways.
3 - The MRX mags are cheaper and hold an extra ball (which makes them perfect for tube reloading). If you're not using FS on a regular basis they just make more sense. At least until the 15 round mags are released!
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