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Parkzone super cub rtf with dx4, I know there over used, and the cowling is a major let down, but this is what I started with, it's a simple flier, pretty sturdy and reliable, it will allow him to quickly learn the basic fundamentals and move on to something more intense.

I've built many different rc aircraft, my last being a bomber, and when everything is under construction, I always went back to fly this.

If you decide not to get it, I'd recommend something that has a large surface area and some dihedral, it will make the aircraft slower and grant it more inflight stability, if you would like, I can get you plans for the bomber I made, it has mixed control surfaces, it's very simple to fly and it's a slow flier, it has enough power to gain altitude and manuver around, yet docile enough to make smooth slow banks and fly at lower power ratings.
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