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Smile New Gat Prototype H7 stock mod!

Caught the guys at TPBS slippin and snagged these pics,the mod accepts Tiberious stock and tanks as well as I believe RAP4 ones.These are prototypes but they will come in black and I think olive drab.Just the mod will be about $25 and complete kit will be around $145 which will include tank,stock,extension guide and stock mod with built in sling hoop.Gat products are only making a limited run of these so if you want one post up how many and if you just want the mod with sling hoop or complete kit and I'll get them out when there in stock.I won't take money until I have them in hand but a head count would help.Ive held this gun and it feels good with the stock the pictures don't show but there's a latch on the bottom so you can remove the whole stock with a push of a button.The sling hoop is wide and should accept most slings also Gat Products will be selling the barrel on this gun with RainCover for about $50-60,I had to take off a little bit of the pump handle to make room for the RainCover but not much at all it was easy.Thanks for looking and if you have any suggestions for improvement please let me know and If your going to be negative about this don't even post thanks for looking,Spidey.

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