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Just got back from my first day with the Hammer 7 and I have to say out of the box it was pretty much unusable. There were actually two of us who happened to be trying them out and our experiences were identical; so this wasn't the case of a single bad build.

Must Fix Items:
  • In the heat of the game I would pump too hard, and burp one, sometimes two, balls down the barrel (as in down the barrel and half way down the field)...even "light" pumping would result in burping...just not always with the "burp shot"
    -Does anyone have any thoughts on how to prevent barrel burping? I've run nelson based pumps before, and this was in another league...really bad...
    -Could it be as simple as finding some way to limit the pump stroke a little? or shim the valve back a bit?
  • I got something like 10 barrel breaks. Pretty much one per game. If I had to guess I'd say somewhere around one for every 30-50 shots. These looked like CO2 induced breaks to maybe an anti-siphon is just required on this marker? And no brittle/high end paint? (which would suck)

General complaints:
  • Vertical feed on a pump is not fun for me, vertical feed + back bottle is terrible, I couldn't aim worth a damn on this marker
  • It was shockingly unresponsive to attempts at velocity adjustments

With that in steps for this marker are (in order of priority)
  • Anti-siphon (i refuse to give up on CO2)
  • Bottom line with stock
  • Some magical cure for the barrel burps?
  • Either a ton of mags or a q-loader adaptation and a sight riser...something that moves most of the paint out of the way and lets me sight ~ down the barrel
  • Regulator
  • Some trick way of rotating the breach selector without tools! On the fly first strike selection needs to happen!

...overall a disappointing amount of work required for a brand new marker. I thought others getting their new toys in might appreciate the warning. Mine was fine plinking off the porch, but not so hot when I tried to use it a little harder. If you can upgrade before playing.
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