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Originally Posted by Scharfschutze91 View Post
ehh, not a fan of polymer, and I dislike the looks of the buckmark.

I really like the style of the mark III standard, and the bull barrel version. They are half the price of the 1911 .22, so I will probably go with them.
As a long time Ruger MKI/II fan, I believe that I was let down by the MKIII. They don't feel as crisp as even a basic MKII.

I do believe the economic suppression advantage lies with the Browning Buckmark as the lower is the "gun" in the eyes of the ATF. Having to purchase a new upper and having to fill out another 4473 can become quite tiring when outfitting the Rugers with integral suppressors.

Additionally, the Buckmark proves superior to the MKIII in my experiences but if you hold out for a clean MKII, then go that route.
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