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Could be, that is certainly one variation of it. It could also be a spring feed with a 12g, or a vertical feed tube with a 4oz tank, or a spring feed with 9oz tank, etc. etc.

You get the point

Scope of variation per definition: for Open Class, Stock Class and Modified Stock Class Pump Play

Open class - relatively narrow - i.e. the gun has to be a pump, any loader can be used, any air/co2 system can be used

Stock class - most narrow - i.e. stick feed plus 12g, no real other variations, although imho another limitation is that you have to rock/tilt the gun to load a ball from the stick feed, although not all agree that this is a third requirement of stock class

Modified stock class - very broad - i.e. lots of different variations, generally where you take one aspect of open class and combine it with one aspect of stock class, such as when using a pocket hopper and 12g setup, or stick feed and 4oz co2 tank

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