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You could still get a good idea. The Splatmasters were made from 84 to 1990. In 1990-92, they were updated at the GZ1000.

From 1984-86, Splats all had a side-cocking knob. You also had the special Icon Splatmaters, and Gurnzee Splats. They were all based on those older molds. THose earlier ones also had a couple different colors.

This is a later 87-90 molding, without the side knob. The fact that the front ring is still intact, as well as the safety warning means it probobly came out 89-90. By then, you could get decent pumps for only slightly more (ie Razorback, Bloodsucker, Rebline), so the market vanished for Splatmasters, and they tended to sit in gear bags, and on shelfs after that.

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