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awesome stuff agent Smith,glad you posted that as well.

concerning Dust....I will admit that it's not the strongest ruleset I've ever seen but it's great as you can play a minis board game as dust tactics and if you are looking for a more fluid experience use the dust warfare book for true tabletop.

learning curve is quick...for both systems

plays quickly and $150 will go a LONG way with dust minis especially if you have to build 2 forces.

coreset will set you back $55,another 25-30 for dust warfare book or you could play tactics for awhile and use that for more minis. can't lose in my opinion.

another Ruleset I've played is Two Hour War Games NUTS! and it's weird war offshoot war without end.

these rules are based off the chain reaction system which you can download for free from Their website. I would recommend checking these out before purchase as their game mechanics are a little unusual it's not everyone's cup of tea. however they do allow for solo games which are kind of cool. worth checking out at least.:
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