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Originally Posted by splattttttt View Post
good post lol. Worst issue ever, the possibility that Steve may not complete the work on mine. Even worse than that? That I might not even ever get it back
Honestly, wtf?! I mean, it's hardly unheard of, but I just don't understand why Metadyne's custom service and whatnot is so subpar. I mean, from what I know and understand of the guy Brian is really a stand up guy. I mean, I can understand if he's swamped with other stuff along with all this debacle of a marker, but I just can't wrap my head around how customers have consistently gotten so neglected. I mean, quite a few have been treated really well, but it would seem those cases are the exception, far from the rule...

It. Just. Makes. Me. So. Sad.

There is so much potential here! Yet it would once again seem it's left to the consumers, like Rage, to sort the quirks all out. Why, God, why?!? IT'S JUST NOT FAIR!
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