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holy hell how do people play this game without punching their computer. Picked it up for 5 bucks on steam on the holiday sale. Started out getting wiped every time quickly, started figuring out how everything works and now i can make it to the last area fairly easily.

Though the luck factor is a huge rage point for me, luck never seems to fall my way "oh you found this capsule that has someone in it, do you open it to add him to his crew, oops nope, he was a psycho and killed half your crew" WWTFFFFF The luck makes it fun but mabey on easy mode a simple odds menu would be nice to know if you take the chance or not, though whatever, i guess thats kinda what makes the game hard and fun.

My last failed mission entailed me getting all four shields, max energy, max weapons, full hull and a prety damn beefy ship, only to fly into a nebula just before the 8th galaxy, a nebula which halfed my power, while 4 enemies boarded my ship. Little did I know my damn oxygen was shut off, since i had 4 of my crew packed into one room one in the cockpit and one on weapons i didnt notice my rooms going red, got the intruders killed and suddenly the health beeping started, when i saw my o2 was off it was too late, all but one died. So basically i went from full strength to almost dead on one simple enemy.

oh then another time where with a crew of 7 which were all at very very low health, i had a hull breech in the med bay AND the o2 room with the 02 destroyed just after i killed the enemy ship. sat at the computer with the game on pause just thinking....really?

Then are the times where the FIRST enemy i encountered had 3 damn shields and i'm sitting here with an ion blaster and a drone, no matter what i tried i didnt have enough to get through the shield to disable anything. Reminds me of binding of issac where one playthrough you'll die on the 3rd floor because you got crap items then another time you can prety much play with your eyes closed because you found every right random item that complimented eachother.

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