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Originally Posted by crazyorigin View Post
Anyone know a good area to find Eridium? So far i think The Dust is the best place for me but it could be coincidental but i found a lot in that area. Also, does leveling up in multiplayer level you up for Campaigns as well? I have not played online yet.

This game is lots of fun but i need to figure out some good weapon sets. I am making a lot more $ now that i made more room in my backpack to carry stuff to sell. I am really hating these bugs i have jist come across that start with a V, i forget their names but man they are a PITA.

I am a Gunzerker. Is he a dwarf or something? I seem to be looking everyone in the crotch..... i didnt realize they all had different skillsets at first. I like the diversity in this game.
best place for that is to farm warrior. i find him easy to kill with my lv 30 unkempt harold. and you have chance to get better loot before you go on to true vault hunter mode. that only place beside lynchwood with the 3 mini boss in that area.
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