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Originally Posted by panhead4411 View Post
Enterprise, there you go again w/ your "300 ft" kill...seriously dude, you need to learn to judge distance better. (that was NOT the distance of a full size football field) Or just stop screaming about it whenever you think you get one. Only ppl i know for sure that can hit ppl as consistently as you claim to at those distances are players using closed-bolt pumps. There are reasons you got the responses you did on your range thread. /rant

Looked fun though, wish i coulda come, but had already made plans to play at my local field with some guys i hardly see anymore. I just wish i could play in the snow more often, completely different dynamic.

Lol, I can judge distance fine... I have gotten many players out at that spot over the years.

I've even made a video showing this ability. I used a tape measure in a straight line and filmed me shooting 350 feet. UP hill in my driveway. This was using regular paint, not first strikes and an Apex barrel on my Tippmann A-5.

Paintball Sniper Assassin Ninja A-5 Apex 2 - YouTube

Proving long distance shots are real is one of the reasons I built my ZoomCam in the first place. I was getting those kills, but couldn't show it on video. My new ZoomCam goes even further out. I was filming with it at around 18X zoom... Then zooming in more on the HD files digitally with my edit gear. That is why he looks close in the video...

Here is the actual game, you can see for yourself how far away it was with my helmet cam. You can't even see the guy he is so far away (first kill in the video). I was far right of the outhouse about half way down the hill shooting down the hill and across the creek to the big tree that lays across where guys always hide. I dropped the paint right on his hopper from all the way across the field. It took a bunch of shots to do it, but it is clearly on the video...

BLIZZARD, Perfect for Woodsball! Game1,12.29.12 Trails of Doom Paintball in the SNOW! - YouTube

Playing in the snow is a blast! You guys would have loved it!
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