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The stigma with flying wings is that most people simply build them out to be fast. So "wings must be fast" because "everyone builds them to be fast". Strangely familiar logic...

Here is a Stryker, a plane notorious for high speed antics, built out to about 11 ounces.

After I finished another round of modifications, I had that thing down to about 11oz... including an onboard 3.3oz HD Hero.

To reiterate, more strongly:

1. Do not buy a "Champ" or "Cub" or really any plane that is "modeled" after a real plane.

2. Get your wing loading down -- somewhere around 7oz/sq ft.

3. Wind will be the dominant factor in deciding whether or not you fly. It is in your best interests, as a beginner, to pick a plane which fares well in the wind. How does one gain experience flying in the wind if one cannot fly in the wind?

4. Pick a plane that you can properly glide test before your first powered flight. Hint: landing gear doesn't help you here. Hint: excessive wing loading due to frilly "scale model looks" doesn't help you here. Hint: motor and prop on the front of the plane doesn't help you here.
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