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Okay, trying not to flame, NO, i'm NOT disputing it is physically possible for a paintball to fly 300+ft, and YES, you CAN see him after he stands up with your helmet cam. I challenge you to measure from the spot you are standing to the spot he was. I doubt is it 300ft. Using a map, the back of each camp is barely 300ft apart using crude measuring tools. I have already posted detailed information using your own video (dissected using simple math/physics/geometry) to prove my case (in your range thread). There is also the fact i know you have an occasional habit of mixing paint...might also explain when particular balls fly particularly far.

Using your "zoom cam" does not "prove" range. One thing that can prove range is actual measuring devices, not the fact you "had" to zoom in to see him. This is not the place for this discussion, if you ever get that rangefinder and take it back there like you said you were going to, then we'll know better (still will be a hard read with all the branches). Post hard data in your range thread if you want to convince those of us doubters.

And we did have fun at our field, just wish we coulda done both. Your property having a bit more nature and contour.
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