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Best hard cases/shipping cases

Everyone, the last time I was a serious player, the Automag RT was still a year-ish away.

I'm looking at flying from the west coast to the east coast to play with some online buddies of mine...and after thinking about a split second, I've decided that, rather than let the TSA fondle my gear (mmm...double entendre!) I'm going to ship it.

That all being said, I haven't the foggiest clue what would be good for shipping stuff. I'm looking at shipping:

-Automag RT classic
-Cocker Trilogy
-a few assorted barrels and associated HPA/CO2 tanks

Can I get some suggestions as to shipping stuff? All of my experience has been local (throw it in the car and drive), so I haven't got the foggiest idea as to what would really be good as far as protective shipping gear is concerned. Sure, I could just bubble wrap everything, throw it in a box and mail it, but I suspect actually owning some sort of protective case would be good in the long run why not buy it now?

Thoughts? Help?
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