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It's hard to find pistol cases that fit paintball guns properly. At least that's been my experience. The only pistol cases that I've found that fit are for stuff like PGP's and Tiberius pistols.

If you're looking to buy cases for carrying stuff later, I've always found Assault Rifle cases to be good for the types of guns you're talking about. A good case will fit 2 guns and sometimes 3 which I almost always carry with me to a field (at least).

I've had good luck with tool cases, the aluminum kind you get at Harbor Freight. It still means you have to get foam for them.

Going the way of cases inside a cardboard box to ship mean more wight and a lot bigger box. I'd just go with the basic bubble wrap / foam/ cardboard box shipping method and save the cases from home. Just my $.02 (c:
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