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Been reading up on PlastiDip in the automotive world. It's becoming a pretty popular way to color rims and what not, some people are doing entire vehicles.

I had been looking at new wheels for my Jeep for a while, mine were in pretty bad shape. For the price, just under $12, I decided to buy two cans of plastidip and 'dip my Jeep's wheels for the heck of it.

Where PlastiDip differentiates itself from paint is that it's removable. You can just get it hot with a heat gun and peel it right off. I figured if it looks bad, peel it off. It also means you don't have to mask stuff perfectly, you can peel it off. It also acts as a filler, meaning no primer is needed and it will fill in minor scratches and abrasions. Pretty cool.

Anyway, spent the afternoon spraying my wheels and thought I'd share. Here's a before and after.



I'd say it was worth the $12, makes the Jeep look much better and the wheels are definitely more protected.

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