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Originally Posted by dm6rocker View Post

Got a set of these today. I've been dying to get a nice pair of cans for a while now, and out of all the sets I tried, I liked these the most. A few gift cards, and a butt-ton of reward zone points at best buy brought them down to $10 from $350

And hell yes do they sound amazing.
Curious, why'd you go for the active isolation instead of the passive? I listened to the passive version yesterday at frys, which is $100 cheaper, and fell in love. I was considering saving up for them, but my oakleys fell out of my back pocket when I was listening to music and in the 2 or 3 minutes they were on the ground, someone stole them.
Ended up buying a pair of oakley holbrooks instead, oh well. Merry Christmas to me.
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