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Frankenstein ccm s5 raw body $250 for s5 and nelspot

NEW PRICE DROP! Give me $215, we will work out shipping!

Frankenstein CCM S5 Rare body
PRICE DROP: $230 you pay shipping I REALLY want a kp2 or kp3 ALSO A HAMMER 7 is sexy
I purchased this monster off pbnation a little while ago, it was so ugly that I fell for it! When I got it I put a new ccm 2k lightweight pump kit on it, makes it shoot like a DREAM! The monster comes with a large feed neck, giving you the ball stack needed to give a friend some cover on the field. The body its self is raw, and doesn't have a serial number. I've been told ccm made a batch of these and I guess the frankenstein pump got one! It does have some scratches but nothing bad at all. If I did love open class I would have annoed it myself, but I didn't have a desire too. If you buy this smexy beast you will receive the marker and a 14 inch barrel. It shoots really well, pump stroke is smooooooooooth!
Price: I will take $265 of course OBO!!!
Trades: I really want a good stock class marker, Just offer up! I can include a back bottled Nelspot 007 which link will be here > post then pm, I am a nice guy! Thanks for looking, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

No serial number! ooooohhh rare OHH MYY GEHRD!

Feel free to ask me questions, I don't really know the parts though!

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