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Decided not to drill the STO so I found a different body, got a 2k WGP right feed.

Current plans are to build 2 snipers now:

-Drill the body to take the stock class feed
-Run regged 12 grams (Palmer's Valve / Palmer's Stabilizer)

Pre2k STO:
-Constant air
-Had some Belsales internals from one of my previous builds (Supercharger valve and Rex dialer).

As I was putting the Belsales together in the Pre2k STO I noticed this
(top valve is stock pre2k and the bottom is a Belsales supercharger)

I knew the valves were different, but the springs too? Can I not run 2k+ valves in Pre2k bodies? Or do I run the Pre2k valve spring w/ the Belsales valve?
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