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Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Hey Soggy, I got some play time with mine recently. Heres my thoughts:

First of all, this thing is light and points amazingly. I put it head to head with my Ule single trigger mag and I think has surpassed the performance of all my mags. I played with a sportshot and my 45/45, not a single ball chopped the whole day. It was very consistant over the chrono, and the stock barrel performed well. Its not very efficient, but on the field I didn't care.

This thing is super quiet. I was able to fire upon groups of Enmeys without them hearing me. I threw my POPS on there and standard macro fittings. Love it.

Sorry, I am a wee bit hungover from last night. So if that didnt make sense my apologies.

To get to the point- This is my new go to marker on the rec and woodsball field. Great ROF, excellent ergos, super quiet, no chops, and affordable. My mag shall be collecting dust.
That was worded better while you were hungover than most internet posts are while their writers are dead sober & pain free.
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