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Wouldn't surprise me if it was true. It is a sport played by more rural populations simply due to the area required to play. The US has far more exceptionally large cities, which puts paintball fields out of easy access to most of their residents. (Consider how much ground you can cover in an hour driving out of 'city' with 30k people vs Toronto or New York. Then consider how far you have to go before you get to a location open enough to easily set up a paintball field with land prices low enough to afford it. My office in Charlottetown is a 10 minute Walk from a plot of active farm land.)

Any Canadian know of a town with more than 1000 people that doesn't have some kind of rental field within at least an hours drive? I'm hard pressed to think of a town that doesn't have something going on within at least 30 minutes for the most part in Atlantic Canada. Our fields may not be large. They may not be all that great or even exceptionally well priced, but we have a hell of a lot of them scattered across the country.

Also consider the issue of word of mouth. Smaller local populations that get access to paintball are more likely to know someone who has played it, and therefore be encouraged to try. Also have the interesting trend that if you play on a youth hockey team then you're going to play at least one game of paint ball the following summer. I can't remember a weekend that I've been out at one of the local fields where we didn't have at least one hockey team playing.
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