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decay of nations?
living legends?
world cup?

i cant name a single canadian big game with over 600 people...
Wasaga's Summer big game draws 2000 players every year. They also pull around 500 for their winter big game, and 1000 for Player Appreciation Day. Wasaga is probably the only field in Ontario that can handle that sort of pull. It's been my home field for a very long time.

Canadian Carnage pulled a huge crowd as well.

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Oh, bud believe me....

When my friend first offered to take me to paintball before I ever got into it, I was watching a lot of videos. Spent like a day just oogling at Flagraiders videos. It really is like my dream field. One day! One day
Both Flag Raiders and Adrenaline in London are a DREAM to play at. I played there exclusively while I went to school in London. If you're ever in Southern Ontario, you're gonna want to check out both of those fields, Wasaga, and CQB in Toronto. Easily my top 4 fields in Ontario.
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Finding a good paintball game outside your area is like trying to figure out which neighborhood is the best for buying drugs.
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