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Originally Posted by toymachine View Post
There has been lots of ups and downs, with the ups rather intense and shortlived and the downs very boring and drawn out. In other words, I wouldn't say we're f'd now. We've been f'd for quite some time, in all frankness. But there is still hope. From my communication with Brian I refuse to believe, at least without further evidence, that he'd just drop the ball with thumpers completely now, forgetting about everyone who sent one in or whatever, without even one word to his customer, no matter how much of a pita dealing with metadyne has been and would seem to continue to be.

Alas, I can hope...

Anyways, that all said, I do talk to people once in a while who have had good results dealing with Brian. It's taken a while, but they always get what they pay for and seem, at the end of the day, happy. So, yea, without more conclusive evidence of use being terminally f'd with metadyne, as opposed to just play-f'd around with, I don't think there is much use or need or reason for panic... just mah .02
I agree... I would not say we are F'ed yet, when Brian closes the doors to the entire company then I would say we are screwed. I emailed Brian for some parts it took him a few days to get back to me but he did and he sent me the parts the next day. Sure I had to pay for the "warranty Parts" per say but I got the parts and now have 4 thumpers working and ready to go. I also know there are some people that love the thumper and are in the middle of working on different areas of it. I am always playing around with mine to see what I can improve on. I value every ones opinion in this thread and encourage them to keep up the positive posts. If it looks like they are going to stop making them then we need to rely on the Thumper community as a whole to help sort out the problems. I am quite sure Brian will send back every thumper he has in for repair, just give him time. As for sending yours in to have the upgrades done. If it were me I would not, but then again I have the means and the know how to install the new parts my self.

Thats my 2 cents worth as well.
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