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Yea, the situation for international customers seems like it's pretty intense. That said I know of a couple guys in France and the Netherlands who have had good luck dealing with Brian in the last couple years, but still, so much uncertainty! This is the worst aspect, I think, for all of us, but of course more so folks across the seas.

I agree with Rage's sentiment completely. Like he says, given the risks involved, not to mention the success I've had running my stock Thumpers off external/inline regs, I just don't think it's worth it sending any of my Thumpers off to Metadyne. And this is what I say over and over again, in a couple different ways, in my self-help kinda thumper recovery post (as linked to in my sig).

It's a **** show, but there's no sense in getting overly pessimistic. I mean, not until we have confirmation, as Rage said, of Metadyne's shutting down and Brian totally closing the doors... As they say, patience truly is a virtue, an especially necessary one when dealing with this ****
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