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Originally Posted by matteekay View Post
Updated and almost there!

My second guest is a n00b - he'll have a mask but no gear. Any chance we could assemble some for him? I'd offer but I'll most likely be stuck using the Viking or Lightning and that means a "normal" loadout (pods, hopper, bigger tank, etc).

Note: To clarify, if WALZ pulls out a miracle and my pirate is back by this game I'll use that and my stock class gear. That means I'll have a tank, pods, and a pack to loan, though I'd rather not give a new person a Rotor for fear of confusion and an immaculate Viking for fear of a heart attack (mine, not his). Happy to do it if that's where we wind up, though!
Hey Matt,

I'll have either a parts Mag or my GoG eNEMY that they can use. Also will have hopper, pods, podpack, but no tank unfortunately. My spare tank is on it's way to Ninja for repair due to the gel coat cracking.
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