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Well first I want to comment on the problems with the cyclone that many here talk about. Its ability to break.

It was noted on every review back when the A5 was new that the stock cyclone with its plastic internal prone to break parts (witnessed it myself at an event on two of them) and the hard paddles.

Everyone (and I do mean everyone) said the same thing. Replace all the internals with aftermarket METAL parts (rachet for example) and the paddles with sqishy (or comperable).

I did that to my x7 right away and after years of play no problems.

I personally like the non battery all one part system, except for the extra air it requires but hey nothing is perfect.

Now back to this part.

I fall into the camp that yes its neet, fills a nitch, it does not require the hook to be removed, and strong.

However the price is WAYYYY too much for me to even consider touching it.

I think that if it were dropped to the 20-30ish range it would sell very well.

I would pick one up in that range just to put in my parts bag to try and use on and off when mood or situration strikes me.

Its like alot of things made for paintball today.

Need, well made but no one can affoard them.
Or the price negates any justification you may have.

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