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High-rise centerfeed Minimag body, CP grip for SALE!

Well, it took me a few years to find one of these things, but I've got three other guns that need to be completed before this so I'm letting it go back into the wild. This is a very rare, un-cut high-rise centerfeed Minimag body for sale. They only made around 400 of these back in '01 I think and most of them scattered to the four winds, or were hacked down to make lo-rise centerfeeds. Polished and in excellent shape. The feedneck was factory welded on slightly crooked, but could be straightened by a competent mag smith like Luke. SOLD

Also have a mint/unused CP gas through grip in nickel. Pric: $20 shipped

PM me if interested, I take Paypal and can ship usually within 1-2 days.


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