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iphone-do-not-disturb glitch hope to have fixed by monday

The iPhone Goofs Up on Telling Time, Again -

When the first iPhone was released on AT&Tís network, it was widely criticized for being a lousy phone despite its powerful capabilities as a tiny touch-screen computer. Now it might gain a reputation for being a subpar clock.

On the morning of New Yearís Day, a bug affected the Do Not Disturb feature for many iPhone users. Apple designed the feature to block incoming phone calls and alerts for a set duration ó from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., when the user is asleep, for example. But many iPhone users found that it did not turn off after the designated end time.

On Twitter, many were still complaining about the Do Not Disturb bug on Wednesday, except for those who were happy for the extra sleep.
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