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There are a few exceptions where I play the hits.

For example, if I shoot you out and you're walking to the deadbox and I'm running the flag in and you shoot me twice, I keep going because that was bull****.

If I snap out, shoot you, watch the spray off of your loader, a ref calls you out, and you shoot me as he does that, I'll call the nearest ref near me and if he saw the ref call it and the hit after the guy was called, I'll keep going because it was not an obvious hit and you were already out.

Normally, I'll take whatever hit happens past that. In the woods if you hit me I'm out. You had that shot, it's your kill, but on the speedball field it's a different story. You bounce one off of my dome and two off of my neck, I'm still going until one of those balls break. Even if it's a massive welt on my neck and I let out a welt, as long as it doesn't break I'm still in.
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