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Me too, Acrewofone. I'd finally broken down and bought a nelspot not a month earlier when the 3357s showed up. My nelspot went home with someone else that day. Need some 50 field paint? Chronoing at 280 it's still a great village gun, come to the Monster game!
I've counted trucks and done the math over the years, but never asked Dave or Ed(some things you don't ask), I estimate HS to use between 15 and 20 million paintballs a season in spite of being closed from end of Nov to the 1st of April. Why would a company send that customer crap paint when they are handloading paint for their proteam that only costs them?
I've watched draxxus and evil both do it though, my fingers are crossed....

And to be fair fireball was awesome until the company came off the rails. I loved that paint
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