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Sure, I can understand that. Other than finding out the major diameter and possibly the minor, and counting the threads and guestimating the tpi, I'm not sure if it would help.

I'm at lunch now, so I'll go into how I ground the stock one down.

I used a 1/4-20 allen head bolt, inserted into the valve nut, centering the bolt as best as I could (here is the possible f-up), and inserted a washer and nut and tightened it down.
I then inserted the bolt into a drill. While the drill was spinning the assembly, I put the "bowled" edge of the valve nut to a grinding wheel. Using the allen head of the bolt as a guide and watching to make sure the grinder didn't get a hold of the threads, I ground the edge down to the rough shape of the new seal edge.

When the grinder JUST started to grind the edge of the allen head, I took the assemble apart. I measured the diameter of the seal edge on the Trracer valve nut, and ground the head of the allen head to the same diameter (I can get that measurement for you when I get home). I reassembled the bolt/valve/washer/nut assembly; reinserted it into the drill; and with a medium grit flat file clamped to my work bench, spund the drill up, using the file's edge to bring the seal edge to its final shape; using the allen head again as the guide.

The file took the brass down at a steady rate; but didn't get into the allen head easily. The allen head worked well to prevent turning the edge down too far.

Being careful to keep the nut centered, it worked out and seals up just fine; but there was a chance that the nut could have became uncentered. If you are going to try this, I suggest doing this BEFORE drilling the center out to fit the Traccer PT. The stock hole is right at 1/4" diameter, and should make keeping the bolt centered a no brainer.
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