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Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
the feedneck?
they're bolt-on's
you may be able to get that part from PTP still, or you could find and use one from any PTP sleeper or fx cocker body, or even (i THINK but i'm not 100%) from a micromag.
A CCI feed tube bolts nicely to the holes, as well.

You don't see microcockers for sale very often. Especially not on the cheap.
Thank you I expect a response from tracy_ptp whether it has a feedneck in stock.

Originally Posted by blitz121 View Post
Mine cost about 500 when it was all said and done, nice anno and feedtube I will have to get a pic of the shiny....
Sorry, I can not understand if this Micrococker is for sale or if it is yours (and you do not sell it ^^).

Thank you anyway for your help. I think buy the Micrococker Purple/black ($265)
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