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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
It isn't any real mystery. Companies try to go cheap by letting paint cure in the bags on the truck on the way to a destination. This works for store deliveries, but not a big game where it's going right off the truck into a hopper. That was the beef with our Draxxus, our test batch of evil and it's what was wrong at LL5. Not a mystery or a malfunction, but a purposeful shank, eliminating a step that cost them money, so what if the customer suffers? As a pistol player who literally drove 5 hours and patronized LL5, FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN TO PLAY A 2 MINUTE GAME AGAINST ANGEL, I got 3 breaks in my first 2 mags. My whole weekend ruined and wasted because evil purposely made bad paint. What Hell Survivors knows and other fields will soon figure out, the field is who pays.
Why would I go back to CPX? EVER??? So they could exchange the $80 dollar junk I was forced by CPX to buy a whole case of, for a slightly less junky $60 case with no refund of the difference and say they're doing me a favor??? If CPX lets evil shank me and helps it along by forcing every pump and pistol player to buy a whole case, do they deserve another chance? I promised i'd do LL6, but I will turn around in the paint line and leave and declare war on CPX and RPS, if they hand me junk, KNOWING IT'S JUNK, like they did last year.

At least at Hell survivors you can buy a single bag and check it out...
Fields will figure it out, HS is just the first and foremost. Paint is integral to the image of your field. Let those paint companies keep screwing your customers and you will go out of business.

Yeah at LL5 my Tiberius was chopping paint bad and the only marker that didnt chop it much as my AT-10. Still barrel swab in hand while shooting? Not cool. I almost took my paint into the proshop and dumped it on the floor, but I decided against it.
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