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That's what had to happen the first time Steve_81. It's tempting to believe people are going to change when they make convincing promises.
The second time isn't going to take years of bad mistakes. Hopefully the evil will be as good as the second batch we got or better. Empire doesn't make pistol gear so I haven't ever owned any, but I've heard good things about them generally.

I've found at almost every "big game" the paint is going to suck a bit more than normal due to them making so much and not letting it cure long enough.
So in other words they're methodically cheating us on purpose. Every Big Game. Everywhere. That's alot of our money they're getting for knowingly delivering substandard product. Draxxus and Evil don't know paintballs need to cure???? Please!

The idea of 2 types of paint is not just so rich people can shoot 'super' paint.
It's so a customer can find the kind of paint that shoots best out of their marker at that event, that weekend. The horrible Evil I got at LL5 was fine after I did the company's job and let it cure. I've shot Formula 40 on weekends I couldn't get fireball to work and vice versa. It saved my fun having 2 chances to win.
Then a week later the horrible fireball would magically be good paint.

If CPX had let me buy a bag, or buy evil or marballizer, I'd have tried a bag of the evil. It would have sucked. I'd have tried the marbs, they would've worked. I'd have gone back and got a case of marbs and not cared a bit about the bag of evil, which I could shoot later. I'd be remembering LL5 in a glow instead of as a waste of time and money.
That's one thing CPX could learn from HS, among other things that made me say hmmm.

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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