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Originally Posted by JDLampy View Post
The main problem with procaps (the makers of draxxus) paint before last year was the original owner (who now owns G.I. milsim and re bought procaps in 2012) sold them. Procaps was not sold to a paintball company nor a company knowledgeable about paintball. It was to a company who buys companies for making money. That company had procaps go from grade A suppliers to lesser grades. That's why there paint was not good prior to 2012. From first hand experience the paint wasn't the worst or best last year. Some of my teammates loved the red fill evil paint from 2012. I am interested to see but I am being optimistic about it.
It was actually more complex, I believe he still owned the formula, so they had to pay or use a different mix. I can't vouch for that but it made sense.

OPBN when I got a chance to chew the ear of the Evil guy at LL5 I had a handful of the Chicago open paint in my pocket to metaphorically(because I'm polite) rub his nose in.
150 yards from LL5 at the chicago open they had cases of white evil paint where every single ball was ready for a little velvet pillow in the perfect paintball museum. It was the best paint you could ask for.
They know how to make good paint, it's just that field owners haven't held their feet to the fire to make them do it. The big agreements they thought were set in stone no matter what, let them cheat us. This is a signal that those companies had better start caring or start another line of work.

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