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Originally Posted by woodviper View Post
What time limit is good for quick turn arounds between games?
Depends. If the game is over fairly quickly and everyone still has paint and air, start a new game immediately. If some have to go back to staging, let em and rearrange teams accordingly to make them fair again. If it ends up being a longer game and everyone has blown through their paint and air, go back to the staging area, give everyone 10-15 minutes to reload/refill and get back out to the field. Split the day up into morning and afternoon with a 30-45 minute "lunch break" in between.

Case in point: At one field, the "ref" was slow to start games. In one instance he literally sat around BSing for 15 minutes after a game that ended up being very lopsided and ending within 2 minutes and probably 100 shots total between 20 players (escort the president game where we flanked quickly and severely and double tapped the "prez" in the back without losing a single player on our side). This ref took a break between each game regardless of length and/or outcome. The fact that he was a total tool and had little clue what he was talking about probably didnt help.

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