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wow, i didnt realize that it had been over a month since i posted in this thread, lol.

well, some stuff happened in the last few weeks. had an agent, fired the agent, talked to the owner, got a new agent, put an offer on the house, got a counter offer, now today, i am putting in a deposit to hold my claim on the property.

i have the place planned out in my head already. one of the work shops is going to be done up into my bike shop, nice flooring, work benches, bike stand, storage racks, the works

the other work show will become my paintball armory. i will have work benches and my metal working tools as well a wall to store/display my markers. i think i will also end up with a sewing machine and other somewhat related hobby type stuff in there as well. i figure if that is the paintball armory, i might as well be able to do my own soft goods, lol.

the garage will nee to be gutted and re done. it is set up as a repair shop for steamer trunks right now. it also looks like the roof might be leaking around the plastic roof panels. it has a metal roof, but it has a couple sections that are translucent plastic to let in light. i am going to have to pull out the carpet and ceiling in there to get rid of any mold or rot from water getting in

the house is going to need a bit of work, but i was counting on that from the begining. there is a 4'x6' powder room in the corner of the living room that i will be moving to the utility room (the other side of the wall) and adding a shower. i will then be converting the dining room into a bedroom that i will rent to my friend. the kitchen will need some updating and rearranging to made usable. i will also have toredo the stairs at the back of the kitchen, they are very steep and, i would say, dangerous. i will put in a set of stairs with a landing at the bottom to try to stretch it out a bit and make it possible to get a bed to the second floor, lol.

eventually, once i get my car paid off and have something esembling disposable income again, i want to raise the ceiling hight in the living room at least a foot, as it is, it is about 6' high and i can touch the ceiling with my head in places. i would use that as an opportunity to expand the master bedroom out over the utility room on the back of the house and then raise the roof hieght to be able to have a larger bedroom and bathroom with a proper shower. as it is now, the ceiling is at an angle over the bath tub, there is no shower and it would be a tight fit for me to stand up in the tub if there where a shower in it.....

all in all, in about 2 months, i should be a home owner, finally, lol.
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