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Originally Posted by uv_halo View Post
Clunky Goretex boots? What about those winter boots that had the quilted lining? I still have mine somewhere, I can't remember what the tag called them but, dang they did not flex for anything.
Sounds like you're describing the Rocky ECW boots. You're right, Those things had as much flexion as a concrete block. The goretex Bellevilles were night and day in comparison, but still clunky IMO. I never liked them, then again we had guys that wore them year round and preferred them to the hot weather bellevilles. :shrug

I was all about my desert jungle boots. The soles wore out quick, especially in rough terrain, but I loved 'em.

Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
Do any of you who wear minimalist foot wear find that for trail running and generally woods type stuff you like it but hate iit for track running. I don't know what it is but when I run on a track or a treadmill I need a heavy heel cushion
That's because you're doing it wrong. Seriously. You're still heel striking like you're running in conventional shoes. Going minimalist you need to retrain yourself to stop heel striking or you're looking at possibly serious injury.

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