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Originally Posted by Falcon16 View Post
Fields that do this are usually on a quick road to going bankrupt. It's simply a ploy to stave off the inevitable. With that said I've seen a local field where the owner died, then his long time GF took it over and ran it into the ground (the field was still there and it never went OOB but there was basically no games at the field for a long time) then it was bought up by one of the local players and he runs it now actually pretty well. Though with that said it's become more of an airsoft field and paintball appears to be more of a sideline now.
What the cow is saying is this field has the same story as the one your refering to.Owner died wife who has no pb knowledge takes over runs into ground.As a pb community we all came to her aid and help after the loss.Putting on a game with everything donated and ran by volunters I kept up the field on my free time never asking for anything but getting to play for free on the occasion I could play.I made videos promoted the hell out of the place.It's a great field it needs help !!Both buisness and field wise.Theres only so much you can do on a budget of zero.
The extreme pb park is 18 miles away and packed all weekend they do a great job out there and have 2 or 3 trees on the whole field haha!!Not much of a woodsball place.
She blames other fields,store's and players for poor attendance saying they tell people not to go there.None of thats true we would never say that. I am not saying it now.You can't throw seeds out and hope you'll have food when winter comes.It takes work to have a good buisness.Spending 1 day a week at the field that is your only income?With some work and promotion this could be a powerhouse woodsball field.These fields are in california I live smack in the middle of them.
Go out there and play just call ahead first.
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