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Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Modular Paintball Barrel + Brass Inserts by Tymcneer!

This thread has been approved by Carter - See bottom of thread!

The NEW Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Modular Paintball Barrel

These barrels are slated for public release on January 15th.
As a dealer for Deadlywind, I am able to order these barrels now so that I have them in stock for delivery when they are released.

Taken from Deadlywind's website:

Pricing and Payment Info:

** You must have at least a "Back", a "Main Body", and a "Freak insert" to use this barrel system. **

Backs: $15ea.
Autococker or A5/X7 Thread

Main Bodies: $75ea.
16" (+ $2.00)
18" (+ $5.00)

Freak Inserts
(In progress. I am a GOG dealer as well so I am going to try and get the current list of inserts available for greater selection.)

The prices above include shipping via USPS with Delivery Confirmation.
** USA Only! International orders ARE WELCOME, but please PM me to discuss shipping charges!

Tymcneer BRASS Freak Inserts

- The highest quality, handmade freak inserts available!
- Sizes: .670, .675, .678, .680, .685
$30ea. Shipping is $7 for up to four inserts.
These will be shipped directly from Tymcneer, but are available for purchase along with your new Deadlywind Fibur-X Barrel.

Please POST or PM for more information or to purchase your barrel. When posting or PMing, please include the size of the main body, barrel thread, and the freak insert you would like.


Originally Posted by painthappy
sure! Go right ahead!

Originally Posted by deathwish_dw
hi carter!

I just got my dealer info from deadlywind about their new barrel, the fibur-x.

I was wondering if i could open up a pre-order thread for the barrels. Public sales start january 15th and as a dealer, i am able to purchase stock before hand, so i will have the stock, but i will not deliver until it is released publicly.

Thanks again!
-jacob becker

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