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I have a long day at work, so banter just gets zoned out.

I was the pseudo-tech for my school's NCPA team. So I teched various markers and got to steal peoples' stuff for a game or two.

There is only so much you can get for a "feel" when borrowing it over the chrono. You get a better sense of how the marker handles when you actually play. That being said, not a whole lot of people are willing to hand over you his/her marker for a game or two unless you know them pretty well or have collateral.

The RX handles fine, but then again that is my preference and how I play. I'm a pretty short player, 5'5, Snake/front, and semi/electros bore the crap out of me.

The RX is relatively easy to upkeep. You twist the bolt, pull out, clean the orings, grease, reinstall. Macdev is a great company, but their customer service in North America is meh at best. They have stepped up their service, but it could be better when compared to giants such as Dye and Planet Eclipse.

I've merely fondled the alien and it didn't feel right in my hands. Can't really expound on that.

I do suggest taking a look at the Ego platform. I understand that you like hefty markers, but when you throw a hopper, tank, pod pack, etc.... Weight doesn't really matter at that point.

Any of the new Egos are really easy to take care of, the newest version has that adjustable solenoid for feel which is a pretty cool feature.

Any information over the net is great, but you're going to either have to play with it in person, or bite bullet and hope you like it.

Good luck.
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